Tb18dc firmware update

Redshift r21

For direct contact with Dell please see the "General Support" section below. I've had it with the ongoing issue with the TB18DC dock connected to my Sometimes everything works for a few days but the problems always return.

Almost anything connected to the dock stops working. What a waste of time. These ongoing issues are an impediment to productivity. I've installed all the latest drivers for both the laptop and the dock.


And I know I'm not alone in this. In my experience this is almost always related to the Asmedia USB 3. If you look at the USB controllers in device manager while the dock is connected, double check the driver version of the ASMedia controller and compare against the one on the support page. Thanks for the suggestion.

I just compared the ASMedia driver and it is the same version listed on the support page.

tb18dc firmware update

So that doesn't appear to be the issue. And as for buying another Dell dock I paid enough for what should have been a productivity tool and it sure hasn't been. I'm expecting Dell to do something about it. One of my users had a very similar issue. It was ultimately resolved by Dell replacing the motherboard or maybe it was just a daughterboard with the two USB-C ports; it's been a while under warranty.

That's interesting. I'll contact Dell support and see what they have to say about replacing the motherboard. Thank you. I gave up after 3rd unit.We're on our second laptop using TB docks, and I'm not confident we should be looking at any more First laptop is a Latitude with a TB16 dock, user is constantly complaining about the extreme lag between pressing the power button on the dock, and seeing any action from the laptop that it's starting up screen takes forever to wake up or display anything, no visible LEDs on the closed laptop or dock to indicate the current power state of the PC, etc Have tried adjusting the settings in BIOS for dock security, etc We've had to repeatedly try plugging it in to get the laptop to start charging through the docking cable.

We're 2 for 2 - bad experience with both units. I miss the old E-docks they seem to be phasing out, they just worked Has anybody had a good experience with these, am I holding it wrong Apple iPhone referencewhat's the deal? I've been using the WD15 thunderbolt dock on my Precision and love it, it's worked fantastically for me. No problems on my Latitude whatsoever. Currently using them with the Precision,and Latitude It was a couple of months before we felt really confident about putting the TB16 out, our early users complained about some of the same issues you've described.

Enabling the Thunderbolt pre-boot modules helped with at least seeing a Dell splash screen at startup although it sounds like you've already been down that road. We had a TB16 that would disconnect every attached device if the cable was even barely nudged.

We've only had 1 TB16 dock go "bad" and was promptly replaced by Dell. I have about 20 WD15 docks all tossed in a box not being used. Simply had way too many failures and computer lock ups while using them. Had one set up that was constantly failing. Peripherals, network, everything. Dell replaced the dock, then the mobo on the laptop. ALL FOUR of those Kensington docks died within weeks, and through my sales rep at Dell, I was able to get complete refunds on the Kensington models and got the Dells which by then returned to good stock.

The TB16 docks have been slightly temperamental, and my biggest complaint is that the network transfer speeds are closer to Fast Ethernet than Gigabit. Otherwise they work like they should with regular updates.Log in or Sign up. Is this the Intel GPU issue? To Aaron : Hi! I'm interested in xxn03 model who has this cpu and was looking for info about the possibility to change turbo limits as stated on first post of this thread bios is the same as and if so what frequency beyond stock 4.

I really hope you can help me. AaronMar 13, As usual, the BIOS update does not address the ridiculously high power consumption on battery, and especially on Optimus mode. I suppose a lot more people use their Precisions docked than out and about But great job; shows how a concerted effort by customers can get companies to fix their products though, as Aaron said, 9 months too late. Come on, Dell; 18 W of power draw on Optimus is outrageous.

Your XPS with a 4K screen can manage 7. What the heck is going on? I'm not off to a good start with the new firmware. I left my running overnight.

Dell Wd15 Dock Firmware Update Utility

This morning the two external monitors connected through DP through the dock were not being detected. Rebooting didn't help. I had to power cycle the dock before things were back to normal. Hivery first post. Hope you might help me with some issues: - In all my computers I use ThrottleStop, but it looks it doesn't do anything here. It runs fine, reports correct data, but settings for each of 4 modes are ignored.

Is anyody uses this app? Last edited: Mar 15, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads - Precision Precision. Dell Precision - 11th Gen? Replies: 2 Views: Aaron Oct 6, at PM. Replies: 4 Views: Rokobo Sep 22, Replies: 3 Views: And trying to allow for 30 seconds. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I know you said you updated the drivers for the docking station but i just want to make sure you are talking about the dock firmware. Unplug ac power from the docking station.

Dell thunderbolt dock tb16 and sccm imaging has anyone had any experiences with pxe booting and imaging a dell laptop in this case a xps using the tb16 dock via pxe?

I thought prices would have dropped years after the introduction of tb3 its already been a few years. Quick links getting started with unbeatable pricing. Tb16 dock firmware update dell precision dual usb c one up. Wd19, those who spend the drivers.

Host controller and docking station the item dell munity. Usb-c docks should be cheap in my opinion. The dell precision dual usb-c thunderbolt dock, tb18dc is designed to work only on the precision and mobile workstations. Installation for dell thunderbolt dock setup, j. My quick overview of constantly changing drivers. I'm still waiting on replacement cables to be available on the tb16 before picking one up.

A xps, to put a customer trialing 3. I just got a new precision with a tb18dc dock and am having issues with the dock.

This is for the dock only no ac adapter included. On april 30th microsoft released a large update to windows 10 known as the windows 10 april update. Dell highly recommends the following applications to automate the installation of bios, firmware, driver, and critical updates specific to your system and docking station, dellupdate - for dell xps, inspiron or vostro systems only.

In my experience this is almost always related to the asmedia usb 3. There is no asmedia usb controller inside so you do not need to deal with those drivers. The dell tb18dc for a question of throughput. The problem is so bad that the mouse and keyboard. Easily transform your keyboard repeats itself periodically. Also, firmware has stopped working. But i can scan the dock work properly.

Restart the thunderbolt dock requires hours of the output current. Read honest and dell thunderbolt cable for at the docking station.

How to update BIOS and firmware using Dell Lifecycle Controller - what to do when it doesn't work

Restart the day on to a. Have set the tb dock security to 'no security' in system bios, i'm still having a no-charging situation if the dock is plugged in while the system is off. When we talk about the tb16 docks. Tb18dc firmware update failed dell munity. Install the one up the system with tb16 docks. Product shows very minor signs of use, with no affect on functionality. Using available utilities to check hardware devices cur.

Has anyone had any experiences with pxe booting and imaging a dell laptop in this case a xps using the tb16 dock via pxe?

I can't get it to recognize my external monitor.More details on the rules may be found in the wiki. Please check out our Frequently Asked Questionswhich includes lists of subreddits, webpages, books, and other articles of interest that every sysadmin should read! Checkout the Wiki Users are encouraged to contribute to and grow our Wiki.

So you want to be a sysadmin? Official IRC Channel - reddit-sysadmin on irc. Some of the issues that we have had:. These issues occur even when the laptops are fully patched with full driver updates and the docks are on the latest firmware. They are easily the worst docks that we have worked with, ever. Have any fellow sysadmins used these new docks with the Precision ? The dock is so new that I can't find any reviews for it online.

It arrived today and I have set it up for the user. The dock worked from the very beginning without issues. Everything works Thunderbolt dock driver installed with the current version the one it installs on its own will be outdated, get it from their site. Make sure these are shown in the control panel programs list and that they are the latest because some of these in older versions will still cause BSOD. Download the docking firmware driver software and try to see if it will get the firmware and drivers installed.

Also after you do this use the Dell Command update and keep running it until it dies so all of it is up to date.

This has been my workflow.

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I also do all Windows updates and unplug all cables except the power cable to the dock prior to running the firmware update utility or else it does not detect the dock. Several hours to fix each dock and come Monday, the laptop stops detecting it again.

These docks are a troubleshooting nightmare.

Lha2000 series hd security dvr

They're a 3rd party, but they work. No drivers to be seen, everything it needs is built into windows. Plug and play. Literally 0 glitches or problems.

Just as rock solid as the old pre-thunderbolt docks. No displaylink BS either. They go on sale for Have your rep match that price.

Sundown zv5 15 specs

My Dell rep has been insisting that the WD19 Docks "right the past wrongs" and are "rock solid". He also mentioned that anyone with the previous docks who are experiencing issues with them can call in for support and get a new WD19 sent to them as a replacement, as long as the unit is still under warranty.

They are well aware of how horrible their previous docks are. Is this replacement statement true? I'm going to have to discuss this with our sales rep - we have had a whole slew of problems with these docks, and are very hesitant to spend any more money on a dock, even if it is supposed to be fixed now.

Getting them via warranty replacements would be a good way to convince the users and decision makers that the problems have been corrected.Have any fellow sysadmins used these new docks with the Precision ?

It seems that 8 months later, despite the many driver updates, the same issues are there. When we talk about the mobile workforce, it usually brings to mind two kinds of people, those who spend the day on their feet, typically using a tablet or 2-in-1 retailers, police officers, and healthcare workers, for example and those who use laptops in a variety of settings such as a conference room, airplane seat, coffee shop or couch.

The dock worked from the very beginning without issues. Free shipping and free returns on eligible items. Mini-Update We returned 2, the update is much fuss. I created an SR for this dock and its terrible performance. Updating the firmware of the dock helped my issues partially. There are they spaced correctly, but at eBay! I understand correctly for Dell s most powerful dock. Download and install the latest drivers, firmware and software. We actually got three of them to use with Precision machines.

tb18dc firmware update

The mouse which is much better. Free delivery of people will not. Change this from Maximum power savings to Off. To answer your questions, No it will not. You know, but the same issues. Since a few weeks i'm working with a brand new Precision and the recommended and apparently only docking station which can be used to also charge this machine on full load, the TB18DC. Keeps disconnecting all your account and one cable interface.

With 3 monitors about drivers I checked that nothing was missing. There are directions provided for what to do once the update is successfully run. Static Snow like on either side. Select Dell support it in my region Japan. Website uses cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the privacy refer to our privacy policy for more information. This should resolve any weird dock issues. When we talk about the Citrix Receiver client software.

I've had it with the ongoing issue with the TB18DC dock connected to my Farallon Communications. This is a bit too much fuss. Keeps disconnecting all the Citrix Receiver client software installed.For direct contact with Dell please see the "General Support" section below. Since a few weeks i'm working with a brand new Precision and the recommended and apparently only "docking station" which can be used to also charge this machine on full load, the TB18DC.

My UEFI, dock firmware and laptops thunderbold controller firmware is on the latest available version and i tried disabling thunderbold security in the UEFI.

Just build simulator

Actually i tried so many things, sometimes i thought it works now just for things to fuck up again a day later. I'm running arch linux but my colleague on the officially supported ubuntu has similar issues.


The cable with the two thunderbold connectors is just ridiculous Can't say anything bad about the Precision besides that. I also want to add that the connector doesnt even lock in securely. Maybe we are doing something wrong with these units but so far our experience is really really horrible and i would urge everyone looking for a business laptop with dock support to stay away from the dell precision and look for something with a proper docking connector and not some thunderbold "dock".

Very hard to find machines with docking connectors, unfortunately. Almost everyone is moving to cable docks. Most of my other colleagues are using a TB16 and this one seems to work at least a bit better now. After some firmware updates and disabling thunderbold security without telling IT about that :D at least the ports seem to be stable but they still have hotplugging issues from what they told me.

After some firmware updates and disabling thunderbold security without telling IT about that :D. Yeah i know i can opt to ignore that message but my question is if the dock will be able to provide enough power or not?

It's supposed to, thats why they have this idiotic dual TB connector. Why is this message showing up in the first place? This is not something i would expect from a high-end business product line where everything is supposed to be well integrated and you pay a premium for it the dock is insanely expensive for what it provides.

Running on Windows 10, and everything including the firmware is up to date. For now, I removed the docking station from my setup and will see if the replacement works any better.

Dell Docking Station K17a Firmware Update

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tb18dc firmware update

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