Icom v80 vs v86

The Icom IC-V80, or simply the V80, is one of the more popular entry-level 2m portable radios out there. While there are a lot of cheaper handhelds from China, like the Baofeng UV-5R and UV which I like, by the wayyou simply cannot beat a branded radio in terms of durability and performance.

On eHam, there are two different sets of reviews for the V80, one giving an average rating of 4. Introduced in the mids, the V80 is an entry-level device, but it performs significantly better than other radios. The consensus is that the V80 is a solid handheld, but a bit basic. And the placement of buttons the very small power button, for examplemight need some improvement.

One big drawback is that it is only mono-band, supporting to MHz. Still, that is an advantage, given that the focus on the 2 meter band means less likelihood of intermod and desense problems, which is a big issue on wide-receive radios. It is a dualband portable radio, which seems a bit more refined than the rugged V80, without sacrificing the durability and the compatibility with accessories most, at least. Introduced in the early s, the IC-T70A is currently rated at around 4.

The T70 offers more features and functionalities, and comparable performance with the V80 on 2 meters. Plus, it does 70 cm UHF as well. But with a price tag more than double that of the V80, is it worth buying the T70? I would say yes. Here are some advantages of the T70A over the V80, in terms of features and capabilities:. Yes, there are a few, but you might not notice them until you really take a closer look.

Also, the V80 seems more suitable for rugged use. In fact, I essentially swapped two pristine-condition V80s for one used T70A. Now which one is a better deal will be up to you?


Feel free to contribute on the comments area. Sign in. Icom IC-V80 vs. Angelo Racoma Follow. Storyteller for startups and enterprises. Essays on communications, technology and community. Write the first response. More From Medium. Top on Medium. Robert Roy Britt in Elemental. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Become a member. About Help Legal.QRZ Forums. Tags: gigaparts ic-v86 icom. K0DDFeb 21, K0WJ likes this.

Wish they would brink back the green cased v8. My first ht years gone by Those are a royal pain for folks like me that use their HT as their mobile rig. I have a uv-5r with blown band switching diodes from a connector to board failure. My VX-7 just had a connector to board failure of it's sma connector that I must fix. That is the best for my surrounding in Northern Germany. By the way Good Lord!

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Don't like it? Don't buy one Now I have a V It stays on hours per day. Water resistant. Very little difference between 5 watts and 7 watts. Time for me to buy up a small stock of V80s before they run out. Two or three should be enough to last me the rest of my life. W5UAAFeb 21, These F units hit the floor more times than I'll ever admit to with no ill effects.

However, compared with todays crop of feature packed multi-band units, it'll need to be far more price cometative than it is to be successful. W1SEXFeb 21, Your JavaScript appears to be disabled.

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IC V86 Review with George Thomas and Ray Novak

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Order this item and get free delivery and handling on your entire order! Offer excludes truck freight and oversize fees. Valid on orders shipped in the contiguous United States. Producing mW of audio power to an improved chassis design and speaker, the IC-V86 lets you easily hear incoming signals in loud, noisy environments. Length, Each.

Battery Pack, Ni-MH, 7. We do not sell email addresses or other private information. Privacy Policy. Outdated Internet Browser Detected Your web browser appears to be out of date.Together with its large speaker, the IC-V80E delivers mW of loud and intelligible audio making it ideal for basic, on-the-go operations.

For even longer operating time, 2.

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The 36mm large speaker delivers mW of loud and intelligible audio, great for noisy environments. Tough Construction Icom radios are built tough, and the IC-V80E and this military rugged rig offers water resistance and superior protection against dust and dirt IP Compact, rugged and with plenty of power, the IC-V80E is ideal for basic, on-the-go Amateur radio operations. Alphanumeric Display A 5-character alphanumeric display clearly shows channel name, operating frequency and memory number with bright illumination.

An S-meter icon shows the signal strength of the receiving frequency and output power level while transmitting. The channel name is programmable with 5 characters for easy recognition. Pocket beep and tone scan are also possible. The tone scan allows the operator to detect the subaudible tone that is used for repeater access.

icom v80 vs v86

Scan Functions Various scan functions including program, memory, skip, priority and tone scan can be programmed. BC UK 12v 1Amp charger. Charges the BP in 2 hours. Charges the BP in 16 hours.

icom v80 vs v86

Includes BC AC adapter. Charges the BP in 2. BP 7. Site developed by Redburn Consultancy. IC-V80E Specification. BC UK mains adapter for use with Icom radio chargers.But which one should you choose? CHIRP supports a large number of radios including:. The RT Systems software supports a much larger array of radios:. While I am generally in favor of open source software I have found the end to end solution of RT Systems to be helpful.

I am using their cable and software solution on two of my radios and will be adding more at some point.

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I do wish chirp offered the ico H. When I asked about it, I was sent a pretty short email with no answer. Would be super helpful of chirp would add the icom H to its list of radios. RT Systems is a Windows only solution. Never heard of them before, probably will forget in less than 10 minutes.

I have never heard of RT Systems before now. CHIRP allows me to copy the same programming to all of them. Thats an improvement over Kenwoods software which did not allow that.

I run both Mac and Windows in my shack.

New Icom IC-V86 7W VHF HT to arrive spring 2019!

So the supported platforms are to me a non issue. So RT Systems is my choice. For all of my radios.

icom v80 vs v86

It always works without a hassle as a result of the right combination of hard and software. I have used RT systems software for years and have found it very useful.

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I like the inclusion of using Travel Plus files to aet up the memory on the radios in my vehicles and their technical support is excellent. That same cable will also program at least two other models of Yaesu mobiles. But I can also say that some versions of RT Systems software I had for some older Yaesu HTs had some miserable copy protection on it and that was not a good user experience either.

If you want your radio supported, maybe you need to loan it to the developers, or else learn enough Python to build support for it yourself. How about the Firefox web browser? That is exactly what makes open source software tacky. And unstable. Too many know-it-all guys poking in other peoples code. Pretending they know better. In the end a project is unmaintainable and ready for the trash bin. Look at Joomla for example.

Throw V2. I do use both for my radios. I have found that for the newer radios, RT Systems usually has the software ready before Chirp which is not surprising since they make a profit. However, as Chirp comes online with the matching software it seems to me that it has fewer holes or missing parts for a particular radio. So, I eventually move to Chirp as my old reliable solution. However, later switched to Chirp for that one as well.

So bottom line I prefer the one that works the best for the particular radio I am using at time. Kind of the amateur radio philosophy, use what works best at the moment. As for the list of radios supported in this article, it is not complete.Icom Inc. The IC-V86 is designed as an advanced high-quality analog radio for professional users. The 7 W output power and the newly designed antenna can increase communication coverage. Recently developed Icom speaker outputs mW powerful and crystal-clear audio, which provides clear communication even in noisy environments.

This durable radio has water resistance and dust-protection, and is unbreakable. The battery pack has mAh typical large capacity. Also, this is the first model that the QR Code Genuineness Determination system is introduced, which is Icom's second countermeasure against counterfeit products.

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We'll send a copy of the review along with your introduction. Send To:. To build the largest and most complete Amateur Radio community site on the Internet. This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion.

The site will be something that everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part of. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. This is the only HT I have ever owned and only one of two I have ever used, so consider that as you read my review. I have the "sport" model which means AA batteries only. The Icom is easier to figure out by an order of magnitude. His had great receive and reports were it had great transmit, but he was plagued with an annoying tone that would turn itself on and was difficult to turn off.

Never had that happen with the ic-V But I knew that when I bought it so I accept it. So I just run the rubber ducky, usually with a tiger tail.

icom v80 vs v86

Time Owned: more than 12 months. I am fully satisfied with the transceiver. It is the best one I ever had. It takes h, instead of h to charge a BP battery. I do not know what do these blinks means. Is this correct function? May be somebody give an advise? Therefore, I used to un-clip the battery BP and charge it properly via output terminals from another charger. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months. I love this handheld. Its has a solid feel in your hand. The volume it produces is excellent and audio reports are excellent.

Its a rugged easy to use solid quality radio. Unless your hands are like a bunch of bananas then using the on off switch is no problem like some reviewers suggest. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. How often do you plan on using this button? I have medium sized fingers and I have no problem turning the radio on or off, just use the fleshy part of your fingertip, Icom engeneers designed this radio to be used outdoors in all sorts of situations and the last thing you need to to accidentally pwr off your radio.

That said, this is a great, feature packed radio that is relatively easy to program and easy to use on the go. Sure the AA case is about 28 bux however it is made of thick sturdy plastic that has a rubber gasket that runs along its outer edge just like the li-po's that came with the radios.

The V80 is a very robust radio with a good solid feel, almost commercial grade quality plastic and should handle yrs of daily use and abuse. The BNC connector is something you dont see too often on modern HT's nowadays however it is a strong proven design in its simplicity, the stock rubber duck antenna is effective and I am able to hit repeaters up to miles away.

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